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If I have enough time to spend some on a blog that means that my life is easy enough to not be obsessed with  worries of what will be my next meal or where I will sleep. Unfortunately not everyone is that lucky.

So the least I can do is try to contribute to others’ well being even if only a little…Maybe you want to join? On this page you can find my preferred groups (personally tested, you cannot trust just anyone, right?) which I strongly believe make a difference in this world.

And helping is possible even without money, but by giving some energy and time. Carroll Lewis said something like this: Even if life does not make sense, what stops you from giving it one?

Lend an amount of money to some entrepreneur somewhere in the world. Start at USD 25.– and get the money back from the borrower some time later. But be aware, once you have started you will want to re-lend that amount as it is great to follow what people can do with your money. Or if you do not want to lend money, become a volunteer with Kiva.

SOS children village

Would you like to help orphaned and abandoned children find a new home and a family? Here’s how you can get involved: As a sponsor, you will help make a world of difference to children.

logo_icrc_footerInternational Committee of the Red Cross    Organization whose humanitarian mission is to protect the lives and dignity of victims of war and internal violence and to provide them with assistance. You can donate some money, you can work for the Red Cross as a delegate on a field mission or volunteer at your local Red Cross for different interesting regular or punctual missions.

Terre des Hommes The values and mission of Terre des hommes remain the same as those that founder Edmond Kaiser set down in the 1960 charter. Over the last fifty years, Terre des hommes has developed in two core areas: healthcare and child protection. Every year, Tdh offers sustainable solutions and a better future for over one million children and their relatives.


4 responses to “Make sense

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  2. I had heard a bit about microfinance in several documentaries on our local TV but never knew how to go about joining in. Thanks to your helpful and ‘sensible’ post/page i now have joined Kiva and have my first loan issued (fully subscribed!) to a womens clothing co-operative in Paraguay – Yay Me! 🙂 I’m a financier!

    I love the fact that as your loan is repaid you can re-loan it to another person in need.

    If i had known before i signed up i would have suggested you ‘nominate’ me as that would entitle you to a ‘free’ $25 to loan to any of the good causes on Kiva! I’ll see if i can get others to help out also. 🙂

    It’s not only the big things we do that make a big difference in the world… sometimes it’s the little things too 🙂

    ♥ Bob

  3. How great Bob!!! Thank you for following the link and congratulations on your new status of “financier” 😉 !

    I’ve read quite some about microfinance before starting with Kiva. Apart from once I always got my money back and leave it in the circuit. Now I only lend by bits of $25, just in case, diversify the risk. It is great and interesting what people are doing all over the world with these loans.

    More than satisfying not only for the one who receives and uses the loan but also for the ones who loan the money (maybe even more satisfying for that side).

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