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“When I am grown up I want to be a refugee” or on “How stupid one can be”

After a few days of holidays with my family reality got me back yesterday. In the bus on the way to work. Some prefer their homely car, the fact to listen to their music, having food and drinks and their stuff around. I very much enjoy to share the bus ride with other people, getting into conversations with others, share a smile. It makes the ride and life in general more fun, yesterday was an exception.

I tried to read the news but two ladies sitting across the aisle from me caught my full attention. To the point that I was close to interfere…

Now, one needs to know that with the refugee crisis our country has been pretty spared with voluntary arrivals of refugees. For some reason we are not on the favorite countries’ list of these people running away from war, violence and destruction. But now we need to show solidarity with all the other countries who already welcomed their share of refugees.

And here were these two mid-forties ladies, one of them with a ring on each of her fingers, talking about the refugees that will be arriving in their little town:
“First they said it was only families”, “Now it will be only single men”, “They did not even tell us”, “My daughter does already not dare to go out anymore” (the refugees are not here yet), “I love to go walking along the river, I will be scared from now onwards”, “They get free housing” (they will be lodged in the civil protection shelter in the basement of a school), “It is not fair that we have to welcome and feed them” and I kept the top one for the end “When I grow up, I want to be a refugee”.

I swear I did not invent that, I heard this with my own ears.

Now I agree that the refugee question is a difficult one. With the current economic situation everywhere, the unemployment getting higher, the fear of terrorism and the natural human reaction to protect what is his and the fear of the unknown, I can understand a certain hesitation when it comes to welcoming a crowd of people and all the issues that go with it. It is not an easy task.

But be serious, if people who live in a country where
– their opinion is asked through voting every three months
– the buses and trains are almost always on time
– the paying newspapers are in unsecured boxes counting on the honesty of people to put their coins
– the streets are smooth without any potholes
– the cars stop as soon as a pedestrian approaches a crossing
– you can drink the water directly from the tap
– …
cannot be a minimum generous and understanding, then who can?


Wishing you all a healthy, safe and open-minded 2016 filled with love and memorable moments!


Pra onde vai – Where do you go ?

Another wasted life
A heart that no longer beats, rest in peace
Dreams leaving before the hour
Dreams that are left behind

Where do you go?
Where do you go?
Where does the sun go when night falls?

And now?
Pain is the size of a building
A home without him will be tedious
There is no remedy, no explanation, no return
Friends do not accept, the brothers are revolted
The family does not believe what happened
No one can understand why the boy died
They shot a youngster so innocent
And his grandmother who was a believer is angry with God today
His father got older, more serious and sad
And the mother just did not resist
Besides her child, she lost her love for life
And now the daughter-in-law has suicidal tendencies
And the girlfriend he dreamed of marrying
Everyone feels all the time like crying
When they remember the plans that the boy had…
He said: “I want to be someone one day”
He dreamed of his future since he was boy
Nobody could imagine his fate
A victim of a violent world …
If God is just, then who did the trial?

Where do you go?
Where do you go?
Where does the sun go when night falls?

Why did a young man who lived smiling lose his life so suddenly?
A guy who loved living
It really is impossible to understand
No response will be able to bring back peace to the boy’s family
Their lives will never be like before
And they look at his picture on the bookshelf
That sparkle in his eye and the way of  a child
Now he is nothing but a memory
And the hope that he is well, wherever he is,
Does not diminish the void he left
It is unbearable when it’s his birthday
His clothes in the closet seem to expect him back by surprise
To take his place at the table empty
The sadness is sometimes so strong
The sadness is sometimes so strong that it’s easier
To pretend that there was no death
Because whenever he comes to kill their longing
He comes with his happy face
Rejoicing dreams and saying that his soul will never grow old
And that suffering is not the solution
It is better to keep a flame lit in the heart
And with certainty in his mind that one day they will meet again.

Where do you go?
Where do you go?
Where does the sun when night falls?
Where do you go?
Where does the sun go…
Where does it go…
When the night falls?
When everything turns to ashes,
Where does the sun go…
When night, when night falls?
When the sun goes?
When everything goes?
When we cry

(Pra onde vai, song by Brazilian musician Gabriel o Pensador – freely translated by Cloud)


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